Centro de Bioplantas

Solutions for modern agriculture and plant biotechnology.


Methodological advice for the development of research related to: Proteomics, Mass propagation of plants, Isolation, purification and chemical characterization of secondary metabolites, Identification and characterization of genes related to maturation, Isolation and purification of proteolytic enzymes, Physiological and biochemical aspects associated with different morphogenetic processes, genetic improvement assisted by biotechnology and pathophysiology of plants.
Advice on the design, assembly, exploitation and operation of Commercial Micropropagation Laboratories (Biofactories).
Advice on the design, assembly, operation and operation of Physiopathology and Microbiology Laboratories.
Advice and training in the development of early selection systems for disease resistance.
Advice and training in the use of new technologies for the massive propagation of plants (Temporary Immersion Bioreactors). Design and assembly of specific equipment.
Advice and training in the use of techniques for quality assurance in plant production laboratories.
Advice and training in the micropropagation by organogenesis of species of economic interest, fruit trees, forestry and ornamentals.
Consulting and training in the detection and control of contaminations in plant tissue culture.
Diagnosis of the needs of material resources for the development of Scientific Research Projects in Plant Biotechnology associated with the massive propagation of plants and genetic improvement.
Diagnostics of the human resources available to undertake scientific and / or productive projects and development of comprehensive training plans / technical-professional training.
Software Design based on Computerized Vision, Database Management, Web Page and Multimedia.