Centro de Bioplantas

Solutions for modern agriculture and plant biotechnology.


Our center has 26 years of service to science. Throughout these years we have produced a great variety of scientific results evident through scientific publications, biotechnological patents, satisfactory completion of projects and national and international recognition of our center and our researchers.


For the commercialization we have a variety of ornamental, fruit and forest plants, as well as technologies for the massive propagation of plants, temporary immersion bioreactors, massive plant propagation protocols, advice for the construction of commercial laboratories and much more.


We offer various academic services such as short courses, diplomas, masters and doctorates, as well as advice on research methodologies related to genetic improvement, isolation, purification and chemical characterization of secondary metabolites, isolation and purification of proteolytic enzymes and much more.

Our Vision

1- A high level of work is consolidated by national and international projects and networks that allows the financing of research and the results obtained have a high national and international recognition.

2- New technologies and marketable products are generated, with a high impact on technological innovation in the territory and in the country.

3- There is a group of researchers of excellence who manage to insert themselves as top-level experts in national and international organizations.

4- The Intranet and the extranet are consolidated, reaching an advanced position in the provision of information services in Plant Biotechnology.

5- A high environmental recognition is achieved and in the certification of the quality of substantive processes at the national and international level.

6- It affects the integral formation of the student through the consolidation of investigative competence.

Our Mission

The Bioplant Center develops, applies and offers technologies, products, technical assistance and academic services of excellence within the framework of plant biotechnology.